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60 people accepted the good news of Jesus Christ as Savior on Sunday! It was an amazing crescendo to an amazing day and an amazing series- Lessons From The Edge. Hundreds of people have watched online and folllowed the series with us. Now, you can forward the links to these services online.

Do you have people you care about who have gone “over the edge?” Do you want to help them get FREE and CLEAN?¬† Here’s the place to start.

Tempted :: How To Capture Your Thoughts Before They Capture You.
:: What Can You Do When Your Sins Are Devouring You?
:: Where Can You Take Your Shame? Who Can Help?
:: How To Get And Stay Clean? (This is the service where 60 people accepted Christ)

By the way, this is an INSIDERS EDITION Sneak Peek of my new blog

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  1. Many people gave their sins to god that day. It was a beautiful experience. The pant sticks were made into a cross for all to remember that day and days to come.

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