Forest Pointe Christ-Followers are so awesome!  On March 28th as our IMAGINE series drew to a close, almost 170 NEW people stepped up to serve in ministry areas after hearing the vision cast for the future.  I could not be more grateful for these people and others like them who will be signing up in the weeks to come.

2000 years ago, a Christ-follower named Paul went person by person to thank them.  Once, he began by saying “I thank God for every one of you and every time I think of you.”

Our staff is beginning follow-up today with people who will create, produce, perform, clean, teach, help, care, connect, and help others take their next step on their journey with Christ.  You’ve made a commitment to do something that will last beyond the mortgage, survival, and the petty concerns of everyday life.  We will be there for one another, doing something that makes an impact on our world.

Benjamin Disraeli, a British leader once said, “All that is necessary for evil to flourish, is for good men to do nothing.

That’s what most people do, nothing of any lasting significance.  We however want to touch forever by making today better.  Think of the children, students, and adults who will have their relationships connected around a common cause, because you said, “I’m In”!

By the way, it’s not too late. If you are not involved right now, you can still sign up over the next several weeks.  Email: [email protected], “I want in!”  or… call our office and leave a message, “I want in!”  Or just ask one of our staff on Sunday.  We will connect you with the right ministry.  Let’s do this together.

THANK YOU to all those who are not content to do something someday, but chose to DO SOMETHING NOW!

I’m in!  Ray

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  1. I’m in ! Use me up ! God refills me daily !

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