What IS “ORANGE”? What’s Up WIth THAT?!

So we’re in this Forest Pointe series called “ORANGE” and you might wonder, “What does THAT mean?”

Simply this:

RED is the color of PASSION and we often associate it with our personal FAMILY. Think about it. When you ask people, “What is most important to you in life?” and almost everyone will respond “My family!”

Yellow is the color representing the CHURCH. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world” and  in Revelation, he gives a message to the churches while holding a light in his hand.

ORANGE happens when we merge the RED + YELLOW.  When we merge the church in a family friendly way, powerful things happen.

Our ORANGE series is all about FUSING FAITH AND FAMILY.

It’s that simple.

When we prepare excellent environments and we pray and be the church that God wants us to be, our families change. Our church changes. Our world changes because the local church is the ONE TRUE HOPE hope of the world.”

We want to make the world better one decision and one family at a time.

But what if my family isn’t perfect? Aren’t you trying to make me feel guilty? Not at all.  The FIRST family was dysfunctional too. Eve bit into temptation. Adam shirked responsibility.  Something cracked in God’s perfect creation. The first son ever killed his younger brother.

You see. It’s just like I said recently in church. I said, “Turn to the persons next to you and say ‘I’m dysfunctional. You’re dysfunctional. Get over it!” But the “OVER” in “get over it” is most important.  Christ came to buy us back one by one so we can experience family as God intended- first with God and then with one another.”

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