MEN- Front And Center

Fighting for the heart is THE primary duty as a man leads those he loves.

I write about men so often because we are primary.  God created us as the first human. He did it for a reason. He also took the time to do one better when He created Eve (at the very least in the appearance department).  Consider the facts about men:

God created Adam to name the animals and subdue creation. Tony Evans says, “Before God gave Adam a wife, He gave Him a job.”

Adam was created in the wilderness and then put into the garden.

Adam named the animals.

Adam never saw a helper suitable for him.

God caused him to sleep and while he slept, He created Eve from part of his own body.

Eve had the WOW factor and when Adam saw her he said the equivalent of “WOW!”

Adam reveled in her beauty.

Adam was to be the provider and protector of his family

Adam was silent when he should have stepped in to a conversation between Eve and the serpent.

We have paid for that silence ever since.

After spending time with men in the wilderness and in various environments including my Friday men’s group meeting at 7:00, I am convinced that we should step up and step together.

We MUST be in the front and center, standing in the gap, sit side by side, and FIGHT FOR THE HEART OF OUR FAMILY.  The battle never stops that we must continually win.  Stay in the fight! Protect them from bad choices. Protect them from evil that lies at their fingertips. Take them to the good instead. Show them the good with your life. Make sure that the people you love know that you would die for them and stand to protect them no matter what. Protect them for GOOD…standing front and center.

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