“To be honest with you…”

Whenever I hear those words before someone says something to me, an alarm goes off inside. It sounds like the simultaneous sound of nails scratching an old fashioned chalkboard, a test of the Emergency Broadcast System, and the fire alarm sound on my IPHONE …all at once.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all FOR honesty. I’m just for honesty and integrity ALL the time…not just when someone says, “Honestly.”  And I constantly look in the mirror to see if THAT GUY is honest with himself.

We’re in a series called “HIM & HER: A Fresh Look At Marriage and Relationships”.  We’ve talked honestly about “LOVE SOS” by using the Song Of Solomon in the Bible and Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages to help us be aware of and discover how those we love like to be loved and our responsibility in loving them for who they are and what they uniquely need. We’ve tackled “IN LOVE WITH A HARD CASE” and grown to understand how we can love a difficult person and what God does about them while they are being difficult.

THIS week at 9:30 and 11:00, it’s all about “YOU’RE WORTH IT”. In the aftermath of Valentine’s Day, maybe you are swimming in the sea of love and riding a high wave. All is good. Others have fallen under the wave and drowning in the same sea of love. Others are still trying to stay on the board and surf. It’s not great, but you’re still moving. But wherever you and I are on the sea of love and relationships, we have to be honest with ourselves and others ALL THE TIME.

At Forest Pointe Church, we are all about catalyzing others to “take their NEXT STEP in their journey with Christ by LOVING, BECOMING LIKE, and SHARING Christ” in new ways every day. And we want individuals, couples, and families to “partner together to build a SPIRITUAL LEGACY.”

So we’ve designed an experience in the premier theater venue of our area (The Little Theater in Gastonia, North Carolina, 238 South Clay Street) to make HONESTY come alive in all of us. It’s especially for parents of elementary families. Here are the details:

KP Live!

Where kids bring parents to learn!

KP Live is an opportunity for children grades Kindergarten through 5th grade and their family to worship together! Join us for a family experience including music, dance, video and a stage full of insanely funny characters. It will be a blast for the entire family!

Doors open @ 6:15pm
Show starts @ 7:00pm
Stay for the After Show Party @ 8:00pm for light snacks and to meet the cast!

Life App: Honesty
Honesty is choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do. 

I hope you’ll come… HONESTLY.

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