“To REACH the ONE who no one else is reaching, we must DO what no one else is doing.” Craig Groeschel

Who are they?

The ONE who thinks they will be judged for what they are wearing to church.
The ONE who thinks they will be looked down upon because of what they’ve done.
The ONE who has given up on marriage and relationships and seeks false intimacy online.
The ONE feeling like they have “D” carved in their head because their marriage dissolved.
The ONE who thinks they have been too bad for God to forgive.
The ONE who just never fit in anywhere.
The ONE who thinks that most churches don’t do enough in the real world.
The ONE who is pretending that everything is OK when it’s really not.
The ONE who drowns their life in activity because being still is too uncomfortable.
The ONE who feels dirty and cannot get clean.
The ONE who cries themselves to sleep because nobody seems to care.
The ONE who thinks they have to be perfect before they could ever go to church.
The ONE who sacrificed a life to pleasure and cannot get over the guilt.
The ONE who decided that a baby was an unnecessary interruption and had the procedure.
The ONE who thinks they cannot love again or, for that matter, even trust again.
The ONE who is so depressed that it seems like they cannot even get up in the morning.
The ONE who lost someone and just cannot get over it.
The ONE who is mad at God.
The ONE who cannot forgive.
The ONE who loves someone of a different ethnicity has been ostracized for it.
The ONE who has been betrayed.
The ONE who is ashamed.
The ONE who has attempted suicide.
The ONE who is in bankruptcy.
The ONE who needs hope.

At Forest Pointe Church, we reach them. I know. Each ONE of these is someone I know IN OUR CHURCH.
And I am grateful for a church that reaches them.

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