COME EARLY: Celebrating ALIVE On Easter At Forest Pointe!

SO much happens on the way of life that we have been given.

The week before Jesus is killed for you and me, He comes into God’s chosen city being cheered by God’s chosen people. Then comes powerful teaching, confrontation, Jesus stooping to serve His closest friends who will all abandon Him, and then betrayal by one of those who had spent years at His side. An appeal to His Father to use any other way possible to save the world followed by complete submission to God’s plan.

Good Friday was a very bad day for the Son and Our Savior. Unimaginable torture. Unfathomable pain. Immeasurable separation. A gruesome death.

But SUNDAY was coming! Maybe in your life, this Good Friday is a very bad Friday. You feel or have felt your own torture, pain separation, and death. But in the midst of that brokenness, you and I can always know this with absolute certainty- SUNDAY IS COMING! Jesus endured on Good Friday because Sunday was coming. Sin would be defeated and paid for for everyone forever. Darkness would be extinguished. When light filled the tomb and life filled our Savior, the possibility for light and life for you, for me, for us became a reality.

On Sunday, there is new light for the day.
On Sunday, there is an empty tomb.
On Sunday, death is defeated.
On Sunday, life is forever.
On Sunday, faith conquers.
On Sunday, hope has been restored.
On Sunday, love reigns.

THIS Sunday at Forest Pointe Church at 9:30 and 11:00, we come together to celebrate new life. Devastation is defeated and victory is won.

Come early. It’s going to be an awe-inspiring day.
Come prepared to worship.
Bring an open heart.
Bring friends, family, and people who need to hear there is good news.
Bring new clothes for us to distribute to the poor in our area.

But most of all, bring a fully present you. With all of you, give God ALL.

At that point with your decision to come, you find an empty cross and an empty tomb and LIFE- full, abundant, and EVERLASTING…FOREVER

I cannot wait to worship and celebrate THIS Good News with you.

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