ALL IN- Preseason and Preparation

Spiritual Journey

So, you’ve begun a relationship with God in your life! Maybe it just happened for many of you on Easter as we have seen dozens of people make a commitment to new life in Christ for the first time OR may have chosen to begin a fresh part of their journey.

You’ve committed yourself to Him. You want to follow and grow and feel that GREAT feeling just like you did when you made your decision. You’re ALL IN.

But then… you get….stuck. Sometimes and maybe many times. Life happens and you get derailed.

So what does a growing relationship with God with Christ at the forefront of your life look like?

Over the next 5 weeks at Forest Pointe, we are going to take bold steps to share with you about how we take our next steps in our growing relationship with Christ. The first step involves how t find your way and it is a big one.

This week, April 7 our topic is “PRESEASON- Getting  Direction”


Check out this quote from Jinesh Parekh, founder of Idyllic Software:

“Most entrepreneurial (“new” or “adventurous”) journeys also start with an inner calling. It requires you to give up what you have and take the first step into the forest. The calling to act is so powerful, that it defies all logic and never makes sense. But when you take your first step and enter the unknown, you get your metamorphic death. You separate out of your comfort zone to enter the unknown. The hero’s journey begins. “

And as we take the NEXT STEP in our journey with Christ, the path becomes clearer.

And so does the journey of the HEROIC CHURCH. Come on Hero.  Let’s go!






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