“ALL IN” Prayer and Scripture Reading 24/7- Easy and Powerful

As we prepared for our “ALL IN” series, I was inspired to challenge our Forest Pointe Church family to set aside a week to read through the entire Bible and pray through one-hour shifts. The response has been AMAZING! Actually, I am completely convinced that our church family is so committed to only God’s best. 168 hours of prayer and reading through the Bible in segments is having a POWERFUL effect on our church and every individual who is praying.  It has begun and is getting stronger each hour!

Prayer Card Picture 1

Prayer Card Picture 2

Our team has made it so easy for the teams that lead in prayer and read each hour. There is a room for the person PRAYING and another room for reading SCRIPTURE. They are side by side. There are refreshments provided and security teams are onsite 24/7 to protect those who are praying on behalf of our church. There is even a wall where our 24/7 Team Members are writing comments and the names of those that they are praying to accept Christ. It is a POWERFUL TIME. There are still limited spaces available that can fit ANY schedule. After all, everybody can pick one of the 168 hours in a week, right?

And for THOSE INTIMIDATED ABOUT PRAYING FOR ONE HOUR, our event coordinators, Darryl and Francine Robinson have made it easy. Dozens of Prayer cards on a wide array of subjects (from the building renovation to family to faith and power and God’s favor in our life) are available. Check out the PICTORIAL examples in the blog.

Contact Darryl Robinson at [email protected] or by calling 704-236-4690 to participate. You can PRAY, READ SCRIPTURE, or offer SECURITY for one hour or a series of hours.   This morning I prayed from 6:00-9:00 AM and the time flew by as I prayed for you and for us.  Come join the fun and accept the challenge.

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