IMAGINE a new permanent space that creates an environment of excellence in every area of ministry.

SEE the parking lot overflowing with people coming in desperately seeking Jesus.

ENVISION 100’s of people being baptized in a celebration of community.

CAPTURE the dream of 1000’s of people being mobilized to make an IMPACT locally and globally.

PICTURE this-A lost person is found. A marriage is saved. A relationship restored. An illness healed. Despair conquered by hope…. One person, one life at a time.

Surrounding Jesus in heaven are people who are saying, “I am here because you GAVE. Thank you!

NOW, the big ask- Will YOU go ALL IN?

Will you give as much as you can THIS Sunday, May 12th and make as large a pledge you can for the next 12 months?

Literally if EVERY person or family reading this would give $1000 or $83.33 per month for a year, we would have MORE than enough!

Some can give $1000’s or $10,000’s! For others, it may be $1000 is a stretch.Some one may be able to give in six figures. The first $50,000 goes out of our church to touch the world where it needs it most.

When we reach our goal…

We can build an school in Ethiopia.
We can microfinance 100’s of people with a hand up rather than a handout.
We can feed hungry children.
We can care for the sick.
We can help those who are desperate.

And the $450,000 remaining will CREATE a beautiful RENOVATED space in the most visible location in our area…. BECAUSE You and me and 100’s of others do our part.

On Sunday, May 12th, at a special point in the service, we will celebrate and worship by giving together. Many have already made their decisions and put them on personalized pledge cards. If you have already done this, bring them with you. Other blank cards will be available for those who want to give.

I cannot wait to see what God will inspire each of us to do and what we can do together as we go ALL IN!

If you have questions, please email be at [email protected]

I will respond with 24 hours.

It is an honor to serve Christ with you.

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