248 Mile Justin


I call him “248 Mile Justin”!

Justin Grill makes his professional living in the fast world of auto-racing. But if you ask him where his real passion lies on the weekends when he’s off the road, he will tell you that he loves serving our church at Forest Pointe in our PRODUCTION MINISTRY.

That’s why he makes the 62 mile journey four times on the weekends he serves. That’s 124 miles roundtrip TWICE! When I ask him why, he says, “I just love my church. This is the best church I’ve ever attended.” and “I have never been at a church like this one.” Even on a recent weekend when he was not serving as a volunteer leader on our PRODUCTION TEAM, he drove long distance to be a part of the Forest Pointe family.

Justin is known for his enthusiasm for great music (he attends concerts like Jesus Culture to stay spiritually attuned) and fast cars as well (you usually hear him before he turns the corner in his fast car).

He makes the world a better place by investing his best in God’s kingdom.He has DISCOVERED where he is uniquely gifted and loves serving in his area of passion. ┬áMark Miller says, “Leaders Serve!” Justin does just that- literally going the “EXTRA MILES.”

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