Great Scott!

Scott Geiger is racing around doing his regular Sunday tasks- setting up the large sign in front of the Y, running around to move essential equipment in place, poised to move furnishings in place on the stage during key transitions, and even reminding me to turn my microphone on before I go on stage while praying quietly in the corner for God’s will to be done that day at our church.

Scott and Deb Geiger are two of the unseen heroes of Forest Pointe Church. It’s that simple. They prefer it that way. If you were allowed to cut into their spirit, you would find that they “bleed” serving God and others. ScottGeiger

They came to our church for the first time because one of our small groups decided to serve free breakfast at White’s Restaurant on a Saturday years ago, Not only did the group serve breakfast, but they actually paid for it as well. Scott and Deb were intrigued because of this outreach and decided to give Forest Pointe Church a try. They have stuck like the glue on an NFL wide receiver’s hands.

I am convinced that the reason Scott and Debbie are so committed is that they have the same DNA of the group that served them on that Saturday morning several years ago. In short, they are the “King and Queen” of service at Forest Pointe Church.

For years, they have the first to show up EACH WEEK to help with our CREATE process. That’s right…EVERY WEEK. Much of their work is done before the regular CREATE Team even shows up. They take the responsibility to transition carts of equipment and literally dozens of other behind the scenes tasks on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you’ve seen them, they are most often working and sweating while smiling and welcoming with their generous smiles. Scott and Deb are high school sweethearts from up north in migrated south and brought their hard work ethic with a smile along with them. They have stayed together as an example of what true marriage should be over the span of life and, in truth, they are “married” to our church in a similar spirit of pure commitment.

When you see them, they are active and welcoming. Even in times of illness, they remain faithful. One place in scripture tells us of a man named Paul who is telling Timothy, a young pastor that he is mentoring, to be faithful to preach God’s word “in season and out of season”.   Jesus tells that to be great in God’s kingdom, we have to be the servant of all.

Scott and Deb do JUST that…remaining faithful in season and out of season, serving others with no thought for themselves. They preach the best sermons without even having to use words. They speak with their actions. And when they do have something to say, it is always gracious and encouraging.

If you see them, encourage them…and tell them “Thank You.”

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