A Great Day For BK! Generosity Lives!

BK is from Ethiopia. Literally driven from his home by civil unrest along with numerous other

He walked into our church earlier this year. Speaking little English, but enough to pass, BK was surrounded by people who cared for him. He had no idea that we were a church that had committed to a long-term partnership with the great nation of Ethiopia. We have helped build and fund an orphanage in Mekelle, Ethiopia. We have shared the good news of Jesus with Sports Friends missionaries where Ethiopian national coaches from various regions.  We have funded wells to bring water to an arid region. Two children have been adopted into the life of our church! So, we were thrilled when we got to meet BK in this seemingly random, yet divinely connected visit.

BK has attended often and even attended our ENGAGE (or membership Class) recently.

Imagine trying to connect with a culture where you don’t speak the language. How do you communicate, connect, eat, find shelter, or find a job?  What would you do?

Well, here is the thing I love about Forest Pointe people like Bruce and Vernessa McGuiness. They practically adopted BK as their own personal son and began looking for ways to help him make a living and build a life in America.  At Bruce’s initiative, BK began working a new job. He had some “shade tree” mechanical experience in Ethiopia, but was learning the ropes about American auto mechanics. But there was a problem. He had to buy a set of tools of his own to bring to the job.

Enter Bruce, Vernessa, and our Impact Teams. It became clear that we could contribute money from our Compassion Funds given so generously by our church family to help in situations just like BK’s. They went through the process of evaluating the need and made the decision to fund the tool purchase. Bruce and BK are posing in the picture you see here with a box of brand new tools at the end of BK’s handle.



Not taking this gift for granted, BK dove into work with energy and ambition. Now BK is employed, connecting in community with his fellow mechanics, and progressing as his career develops here in America. He is even in the process of taking advanced training for certification as a Kia mechanic. This will give him more diverse training and more hours of work.

It is a great thing to know that we can help BK and others like him get a “HAND UP” rather than a “HAND OUT” and KNOW that a person is genuinely helped and inspired to help themselves. Someone once said, “Small acts of kindness done from great generosity can change the world.”  More specifically, we as a church want to show the love of Jesus Christ in practical ways.

From fleeing political and civil repression in Ethiopia to finding a new home in America, BK now has a future because people cared to show Christ’s love in a practical way.

Way to go BK! Way to go church!




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