Bond, THE Bonds, 24/7/365

A “bond” is something that binds, fastens, or holds together. To “bond” means, “to connect or bind…hold together or cohere.” THE Bonds are a Forest Pointe Church family who bind, fasten, hold together, and cohere in every way.

Tommy, Jamie, Natalie, and Zachary Bond are some of the MVP’s of our team. They are close-knit, highly active in the community, and arguably some of the most dedicated volunteers of our church. I call them the “24/7/365 Bonds”.  They serve God and our church 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. I can think of no more positive example than this family. They have been with us since the very beginning and they are joyfully committed to serve Christ with their whole lives.

Louie Giglio, author of “The Air I Breathe”, says  “Worship is our response to God both individually and corporately to God for who He is and what He has done.” In a great sense worship can mean everything we do with our lives all day every day. We “bring” TO worship on Sunday the way we have BEEN worshipping with our lives throughout the week.

Bonds1The Bonds “BRING IT” regularly! They show up early and stay late. They are there to serve in numerous capacities before, during, and after the worship experiences on Sunday. Jamie and Natalie and Zachary are pictured at the KidsPointe sign-in station insuring that children will be accounted for and secure.

Tommy and Zachary serve or have served in numerous areas from CREATE team involvement to First Impressions. Natalie has volunteered as a Kidzpointe Assistant throughout the summer of 2013. Jamie is our leader for children’s registration. And that’s just the beginning of the ways that they have served Christ and our church. In day-to-day life, Tommy  is a building materials sales representative and pictured below his family taking a brief respite at Forest Pointe Volunteer Central after a busy morning of service.


Jamie works for CVS to help supervise pharmacists. Natalie and Zachary are great examples of students growing up to follow and serve Christ with their whole lives.

When you think of the core of an organism, you may think of the heart, lungs, and brain among others. When you think of the core of an organization, one may think of the people, time, and material resources of the organization. In the living organism of the church, the Bonds are living, breathing examples of what the heart of service is like. Notice something else-  the smiles on their faces, a natural reflection of Christ in them serving Him from the heart.

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