Jon and Christine Jarvis, “AUDI” Servers

“Truth is achieved by those with the courage to reimagine the possible.” AUDI USA

Jon and Christine Jarvis came to Forest Pointe Church several years ago. I got to know them while doing their pre-martial counseling and then conducting their wedding. Here is what I discovered in getting to know them:

They love God, one another, and their familes dearly. JARVIS

They both work in prominent positions with a major bank and their excellence in employment has been rewarded.

They are young and loving life.

They serve God passionately even to the extent of driving 60 miles plus on their service weekends back and forth at least twice from their home in Harrisburg, N.C

They serve for 7-9 hours on their weekend to serve in worship and production at Forest Pointe.

They are most comfortable behind the scenes helping to create excellent worship experiences.

That’s why I was not surprised to pass John and Christine in the parking lot on their way to their cool AUDI automobile. AUDI’s are known to be finely engineered cars and are chosen by passionate people who want only the best. I especially enjoy their catchphrase- “Truth is achieved by those with the courage to reimagine the possible.”

Every week at Forest Pointe, with people like John and Christine, we reimagine what is possible. We start from scratch and CREATE our worship centers for adults, students, and children. We create services that will reach those who no one else is reaching. We teach principles that apply at all stages of life in age-appropriate ways. We watch as the lives of attenders and members is transformed one step at a time as they “take their next step on their journey with Christ by loving, becoming like, and sharing Jesus Christ with the world.”

And it is only possible through the loving, passionate, and committed service of John and Christine and others like them- people who change the world by having “the courage to reimagine the possible” so that people can discover the “TRUTH than sets people free”.

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