Merry Christmas Eve- EXACTLY What I Wanted!

Exactly What I Wanted!

He arrived on Christmas Eve and He has been coming ever since. He can supernaturally be everywhere at once through transportation only dreamed of in generations past or in those to come. . He has thousands, even tens of thousands of helpers. He makes a list and checks it more than twice knowing full well when we are naughty or nice and even has knowledge of what’s going to happen far into the future in the destiny we hold. The rich, the poor, and every one in the middle alike appeal to Him for what they want. He gives more than is wanted. He gives what is needed and when what He gives is given, it is more than enough He cares for the lowly and the great. When He shows up, there is singing, chanting, ringing, and something more supernatural than magic fills the air. His Spirit fills our hearts.

He is Jesus…the one true Savior of the world, the Christmas present meant for all, the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. His Kingdom will know no end for His kingdom is not of this world. The world is not big enough for it. The universe only begins to cover the width and depth and height of His kingdom. He calls out every star in the sky by name. He knows the path of the stars in the sky.

He knows the names and genus of everything He created. Most importantly, He knows the name of everyone He created because He desperately loves every one of us. His goal was so much more indescribable than the perfect package under a tree. He is absolutely crazy about every one of us.

I love Christmas in our culture. Brightly decorated trees give light in the darkest weather season of the year. People are in the mall buying something for someone else rather than just himself or herself. We put on our best clothes and spend time with our family around tables filled with the most desirable foods that have come to be traditional with those we love. We unwrap colorful packages with our name written on a label specifying the owner and who should open it.

As the years pass, my children share stories of what Christmas Eve and Christmas mornings were like for them. How they would wake up at 4:00, sit at the top of the stairs, and hope for dawn to come as soon as possible. The excitement, the keen anticipation, and interminable waiting for them to race down the stairs to see the gifts that had almost magically appeared overnight. What they did not understand were the hours invested (mostly by their mother) of pouring over sales flyers and peering into the store inventories and now online to find exactly what they wanted.

The building anticipation of Christmas morning would climax with the thunderous sound of footsteps racing down stairs and cries of “It’s exactly what I wanted!” It sounded like music to the ears of a mother and father who desperately wanted to give them just that- what they wanted.

Christmas is about our Heavenly Father giving us what we wanted and needed most of all in the depth of our hearts, but had no clue as to how we should ask- unconditional love, payment for sin that had left us hopeless indebted, and abundant eternal life beginning now.


As I race down the stairs in the imaginary home of my mind, I find my Father holding His Son. With arms outstretched, a glint of eternity sparkling in His eye, and a compassionate tear streaming down His face. His arms extend as He holds the child whose punishment would bring my peace and salvation and says, “This is for you. I love you this much.”

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” The gift is for you too. Merry Christmas!

Ray, Christmas 2013

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