Why Be Generous?

“We make a living by what we GET. We make a life by what we GIVE.”-Dave Ramsey

“People give for one of thee reasons- FEAR, GREED, or LOVE.”
-Todd VanderMeade (My Personal Financial Planner)

You are RARE when you choose to give these days, but I love to be among the generous. I LOVE to give and I love to challenge others to do so. Not to beat them up with FEAR. Not to feed their GREED. Again, I LOVE to give because I love to LOVE. …PERIOD

Rarity Generosity
Thus far, over 150 people and countless families in the Forest Pointe Church family (where I serve as Lead Pastor) have committed to giving 10% of their income and begin the practice of tithing. Tithing is a biblical principle commended in Genesis, Malachi, and even commended by Jesus in the recounting of Jesus’ life from Luke. It literally means 10th and carries forth the biblical principle of giving our first and best to God knowing He will take care of the rest of our needs.

I am excited about the step of faith and obedience that so many took (and are still taking) in our church and in the church worldwide. Earlier today in between meetings at Starbucks, America’s favorite coffee destination, I pulled out my laptop and let the fingers do the walking while I was thinking. Sometimes thoughts untangle themselves through the lips and over the fingertips. Starbucks is a great environment to do both.

Since I was a boy, I’ve seen and heard all about tithing as a pastor’s son and as someone who wanted to follow God faithfully. For me, this is personal, so I hope you take my thoughts with my journey in view. Use whatever is applicable to you. Thanks for doing me the favor of reading my thoughts.Geerosity Chinese

FIRST, I give because I saw my parents give. They did it willingly, regularly, and cheerfully. I noticed in their attitude that they did not worry about what they could have done with the money they gave. Instead, their lifestyles exemplified the habit of giving and generosity. My parents were always generous with me and my brothers and sisters outside of church life. We dressed well, enjoyed great leisure activities, and never wanted for anything including a college education paid for in cash with no accrued debt to weigh us down like an overweight albatross. We did not live lavishly, but we lived well. I never heard my parents complain about having to provide for us. So when the time came that I began to make money on my own (from part-time jobs my parents insisted that I take), I began putting the practice into effect my self. In essence, I saw a great EXAMPLE in them and I wanted to be like them. A man named Paul who wrote as a Christ-Follower to Fellow Christ-Followers- “Follow me as I follow Christ.”

SECOND, I give because my wife observed the same lifestyle in her parents and practiced tithing regularly. When we began our family, we decided that we would make this commitment together. After we had children, we decided for Andrea to stay home to nurture our children. The time was priceless. And we still continued to give and NEVER failed to receive all that we needed. It also seemed to unite us and make us plan better. When we give to Him, we were seemingly able to give more to each other.

THIRD, I give because there is ONE who lives in me who compels me to give and be generous. God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son for me and for us. Even if it had been just for me, God sent His Son to take all the bad I’ve ever done, pay for it, and then release me to live life in all its abundance. Then, he gives me the power daily to live it out. I feel most like God when I am generous with others. I’ve learned to not resist a generous impulse. When the door-to-door candy sales come by, I buy. When the kids at church sell cookie dough or wrapping paper, I’m a sucker. I even occasionally stop at the end of exit ramps to help those with cardboard signs.

There are 1001 reasons to give. Here is my favorite seven.

1. It is a clear mandate from God
2. God promises to bless us
3. It will improve our marriage
4. It makes us plan better
5. It tends to make us less selfish
6. It tends to make us more disciplined in other areas of our lives.
7. Blessings given particular to each person- innumerable & unpredictable.

Stories are already flowing in and I cannot wait to hear more as you take the challenge. If you have one, would you email me at [email protected]?

Also, check out the link below for more specifics about having MORE THAN ENOUGH MONEY to be Generous.http://vimeo.com/forestpointe/morethanenoughmoney

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