Generosity Stories: Chapter 1 (Lisa’s Journey)

changed-prioritiesThe big decision…at just the right time?

I am soon to be unemployed. That is ironic since it comes on the heels of my decision to tithe. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to put tithing on the back-burner until my financial health was more predictable or stable…but then I focused on all the blessings that have come to me since I started making a serious effort to give more generously.

I am and have always prided myself on my independence. That is not to say that it’s entirely be choice. I always dreamed of having a family and the typical American perspective of what goes with that; a loving husband, adoring kids, 2000 square foot house with a 2 car garage and a backyard full of toys…and of course, a dog or two. It didn’t work out that way and I’m okay with that.Priority Speed

What I do have is precious to me. Including the place I go to worship – it took me nearly a decade’s search to find, after all. A good man who loves me (but not God…which is an ongoing cause for distress, but he took me much longer to find and I am not going to give up), my health (which has survived a few red flags), my love for outdoor and adventure (seeing God in nature and immersing myself in His glory feeds my soul and gives me promise), my appreciation of wholesome handspun goods and the desire to do for myself (I know I can do “that” better!).

I also have more than the typical single person’s financial obligations (aka chains), all my own doing – but each purchase had such brilliant logic behind it and, hey, I’ve got great credit! I am witness to the mortgage crisis; I already had a home but it was too large for me (and housed some ill memories) so I decided to downsize (to a money-pit) while holding onto to first home as a rental. All this happened with me in between jobs (no income) and no proof of financial stability or rental income (which I didn’t have at the time, I just counted on the best case scenario).

Although somewhat foolish I’ve always been pretty money savvy, but a few unexpected blows made using my credit to keep getting what I “needed” and/or wanted seem fair enough. I have managed to regain control somewhat and am thrilled that my credit card debt is under $7k – all at 0% – provided I can pay it off within 18 months. All of my properties (houses and vehicles) are at or under 3.25% interest, which I feel great about. I do have one 2nd mortgage (a whopping $14k loan opened to pay for foundation repair on my first home) sitting at 7.8% and feels like an anchor – a really big one (especially since I’ve been “paying it down” for about 7 years and just recently went below $7k).

2014 is turning out to be my biggest “wake-up call” ever…and I’m only a month into it! The crossroads are numerous and intimidating; career change, long distance relationship, possible relocation, giving more than i thought possible…but…

I thank my parents for my faith (I know I’d have eventually found it but they sure made easier) and I thank God for my salvation. Nothing else really matters. What happens between now and the ever-after is…

{UPDATE: Lisa spoke with me last week and said that she has two GREAT leads for jobs and is excited about what the future holds as she continues to trust God with her finances and her life

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