Generosity Stories: Chapter 2- Seeing The Windows Of Heaven Open Through Tithing


Generosity works and there are all kinds of ways to tell you about it. The BEST way is through a genuine story from someone putting tithing into practice. Here it is below.

Hey Pastor Ray,

Just wanted to share a few amazing things that have been going on since we started the tithing challenge.

We set up our tithing on an automatic draft because it’s just so much easier and with our hectic schedules we wanted to make sure we didn’t forget.

Here’s the breakdown so far:
2 Weeks into the Challenge- I received an 11K pay raise at work. Totally unexpected.
3 Weeks into challenge – my wife (who does accounting/taxes for a living) found us an additional 400 dollars in tax refunds. Again totally unexpected.
5 weeks into challenge – my wife received a 2K bonus from work. Completely unexpected again….

We serve an awesome God and he truly has been amazing to me and my family!
We are so proud and honored to be part of Forest Pointe church.

Thank you,

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