Generosity Stories Chapter 3- Giving Generously- Raw, Real, and True

Corie and Mark Rudisill know the real life challenges of life and death and the place of finances in the midst of all that takes place in our lives. Here is their story as they address their taking up The Tithing Challenge at Forest Pointe Church:

Hi Ray,

Thank you again for asking us to share. So here’s our testimony …it’s raw, real, and true.

This tithing challenge came at a perfect time. As Mark and I begin a new year, we feel renewed knowing that God has blessed us beyond measure. In viewing our tithing journey, one would see many bumps in the road, moments of determination, times of financial despair, and days when finances were looking pretty good. We’ve had our months of struggles, and amazingly throughout everything God has blessed us, taught us new things, and needless to say been incredibly patient with this work in progress. Nothing was more challenging for us than when Mark lost his job in January 2012 … so we thought. Mark searched for nearly 12-months for a new career opportunity, and this was stifled when Mark’s Mom, Carolyn, was diagnosed with cancer. His brother had been fighting cancer for almost two-years, and this news of Carolyn’s cancer blindsided all of us. Carolyn graduated to Eternity in March 2013, followed by Mark’s brother, Timothy, 3-months later in June. Now as Mark’s wife I thought, how can I encourage him to keep seeking a new career when we’re watching the walls cave in around our world? I couldn’t. It was here in the deepest valley that we learned everything…EVERYTHING…is in God’s hands. Just as promised, He never fails. It was during this time that God showed me, personally, new understanding of how He orchestrates His will, sets plans in motion often so far in advance, it blows your mind He is that loving and good. FPU Logo

In 2009, Mark and I completed Financial Peace through our Forest Pointe small group, and we quickly were on a path to becoming debt-free. While we are not quite there yet, God knew that we needed to be in a better place financially in order to endure the impact of Mark losing his job, and the even greater impact of losing our loved ones while he was unemployed. While our finances were cut significantly, because we were not in as much debt as in prior years, the financial pinch was more bearable. We were hearing God as He used this time to teach us what it means to completely trust Him, and even more so for me to be patient and learn to just be there for Mark. We didn’t get it perfect every day, but knew He was carrying us through. Mark and I truly believe tithing is a blessing and an honor, but in being honest, I will say that it was not consistent during this time, and we found again a loving God who showed us giving is more than our tithe. It’s also giving of ourselves in our gifts, talents, and our genuine heart to serve. God revealed new ways to give, introduced us to those that needed us, and just how we can serve Him like never before. No matter the direction, He purposefully blessed us with His will and plan, showing us a new compassion and renewed faith. That blessing is immeasurable.

It’s no wonder I am loving our daily Bible-reading study that we do in our small groups. It’s made a huge impact on my heart. I’ve studied God’s Word in different venues and groups over the years, however each time I dive into God’s Word He shows me something new, something I can apply to my life and daily walk that I maybe hadn’t discovered before. The Tithe Challenge Orange

Tithing is always our honor, and Mark and I could not wait to give from the joy in our hearts for a God that loves us immensely, promises blessings, and delivers in ways never imagined. Mark is working his new career position, back with a medical office practice that he worked for before, and loving where God has placed him…in HIS perfect timing and in His perfect will. Thank you for allowing me to share our story. It truly has changed our lives and our hearts and we continue to see God work every day.


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